REVIEW BLITZ: DRUNK ON YOU (Hope Town #4) by Harper Sloan

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Series: Hope Town #4

Author: Harper Sloane

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 12, 2017

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It was supposed to be fun.
A mutual use of each other’s bodies.
To be a ruse to the world around us.
I wanted to be free from my ex, and he wanted to escape his.

One drunken night turned a joke into a life-changing moment.
He warned me not to fall for him, and I should’ve listened.

He intoxicated me.
He made me crave him.
He ruined me.
In the end, I’ll never be the same.

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Header Drunk On You

SACREBLEU!!! *cue dousing myself with cold water*

Yeah, Harper Sloan always gives us smoking hot books, but ladies, this one was OFF THE CHARTS!!! One of the hottest books I have ever read, without a doubt. So considered yourselves warned – Panties may self combust with Mr. Control Freak himself, Shane Kingston! 😉

If you’ve read When I’m With You, Nate and Ember’s story, Shane and Nikki are no strangers to you, as the best friends, respectively, of the couple.

Physically attracted to one another from the moment they met, they never acted on it, first, because they were both in relationships at the time, and then when they were both cheated on and had to break it, because they were not aware the other was single, given their exs couldn’t seem to let them go. Well, Nikki has reach her limit, so why not use their unmeasurable attraction, to kill two birds with one stone, and get rid of the clingers, faking a relationship, while indulging on their bodies craving for one another?! Sounds simple enough, right?! LOL

I miss the connection I’ve deprived myself of. The chemistry between a man and woman. Companionship.

I was completely in control of my life now. Nothing would change that.

Of course, Shane is not that easy to convince – hello, Mr. Control Freak after all –  and tries to prove that to Nikki, and show her all the reasons for which it can be a bad idea. Not, mind you, because he doesn’t want her (oh boy, does he WANT her), but because he knows that nothing is simple about their volcanic connection.

Until the day that changes, I’m going to keep doing what I’ve done since the day she crashed into my life … ignore the twinge inside me that demands I claim her.

“A man like me … I would ruin you and have you begging to be ruined all over again once you’d recovered.”
“Don’t underestimate me, Shane Kingston.”

Oh, that’s right, also because he’s truly a control freak in every way, but specially the bedroom! That’s right, you can call him SIR! Like that man needed to be any hotter! With moves and sex appeal like his, poor Nikki, she stood no chance! 

All I can do now is pray that she meant what she said because, one way or the other, Nikki Clark will be mine.

But Nikki isn’t the only one being surprised, because not in a million years, would Shane have guessed that the sexy, sassy and outspoken Nikki, to be a submissive at heart. Well, lucky for them! Match made in Kinky Heaven! 😉

Until this moment, I never would have guessed I had a docile bone in my body, but there is no doubt Shane dominates every single part of me. 
Body and mind.

“Your body burns for me, Nikki, and all I’ve done is tasted your mouth. You think it matters if we know each other past that to fuck? I barely touch you, and you come alive.”

A we all know, there is never anything simple on a fake relationship arrangement, specially when the couple is burning up the sheets, at the level these two are, so evidently feelings can’t be deleted from the equation, on either part, and that apparent simple agreement is just the start of something SO much deeper. 

With just her hands and mouth, she fucking owns me. 
And I’ll gladly let her.

The last thought I’m aware of floating through my mind is that I’ve just been ruined for any other man. I’m so royally and literally screwed now.

“Not sure I can be your fake anything, mon colibri.”

Just like the last time with him, my mind fogs and I become drunk on the feelings he brings forth with his touch.

Yep, we knew it, and deep down they knew it too, so when the feeling became too much, too strong, and to apparent, there was nothing left but take them to heart and assume all they were to each other. I loved that them didn’t roll around in denial for almost all the book, it took a serious event, and a bit of help from their friends, but upon realization there was no more denial, and it was full steam ahead. And if there was one thing these two had in abundance it was STEAM!

“The first time I felt that hummingbird vibrate against my naked skin, you became mine, and there wasn’t a fucking thing fake about it, Nicole.”

“Do you see how hard I am for you?” 
“Yes, Sir,” she pants.
 “Never, Nicole. I’ve never wanted someone as much as I do you.”

I have to stand out this, Shane was a pack of male deliciousness! Seriously, Harper gave us a irresistible male character with this man, a smoking hot package with unaccountable sex appeal, rocking the bedroom talk with his domineering ways, speaking and saying the sweetest things in the language of love, like we stood any chance, declares and pours his heart out in the most swoon-worthy matter! Even his thoughts were gold I tell you!

When you have the real thing, you can see how cheap the imitations you had in the past hold up in what matters in life.
Almost two months ago, the girl I had a crazy-as-fuck crush on gave me an opening. I didn’t realize she would become my everything when we started our fake relationship. Now, I know there was never anything about it that wasn’t real. She’s meant for me. I was made for her. Two halves of a fucking whole and I know, without her, I’ll never have happiness again.

Sure, the whole sexual/sensual dancing with teasing and grinding for other women was something that put me off, personally, because I’m far too possessive of my male characters and my man to allow that (LOL), but Nikki was perfectly fine with it. She even got off on it, so you know, whatever rocks your boat.

Even if he was stripping it all off like he used to, I think I would still feel the same way. He’s mine and I’m his. The rest is just a show.”

It really was a beautiful and well written story, and I enjoyed and loved reading about these two, though I would have loved even more without a doubt if not for his – and hers – insistence on the whole ‘show’ side, because there was one or two moments in those events I really wish it weren’t featured there. I could live with a stage performance, with zero contact with the audience, but the way it happened, that was just a major turn off for me, and made me mad with Shane, and not for the same reasons Nikki was, LOL. It’s no news how jealous and possessive I am with my Hs! Yes, I’m weird like that. 😉

There was also a couple of character and development inconsistencies, that caught my attention, as well as a too big emphasis on their attraction from the moment they met, but easily discarded that I know it was the right attitude at the time for them, but I didn’t wan’t emphasized so much, and more than once in the present. I don’t want to be reminded more than once they were instantly and constantly attracted to one another, but easily moved on to other people (specially in Shane’s case), and didn’t fight for that connection. Their love story starts in the present, so let’s forget all about those feelings in the past.

Don’t get me wrong, those are just a details, because Shane really was close to perfect, and the way he grovels in the end… WOW! I fell for him and his french silver tongue right then and there! Full on dreamy devotion to Nikki! Sigh…

You have all of me. “There is nothing more important than that, mon amour. Every single inch of me. Inside and out. Body and heart. My control and trust. It’s all yours, Nikki.”

Drunk On You – which is the perfect title, btw – surprised me in the best of ways, and like I said before, you can’t forget something that is easily one of the HOTTEST stories you have ever read! It’s a really high bar that Harper Sloan set here, with these two. I devoured this as fast as starving person faced with a decadent chocolate cake – ok, with Harper Sloan’s I always do, lol – , and I wanted even more of these two, but I’m sure that just like with Ember and Nate, that we got to see quite a lot, and I loved every second, Shane and Nikki will get plenty of air time in his sister’s book, the next Hope Town! Can’t wait!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

“Je t’aime,” she gasps, her whole body shaking as she continues to cry, only now she’s smiling the biggest grin down at me. “I love you,” she repeats. “I love you so much it hurts.” 
“Je t’aime, mon amour. Je t’aime.”

In the end, we both got our exes out of our lives and won the greatest gift of all. 
Each other.


ARC kindly provided by the author via InkSlinger PR for an honest review


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Harper is a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL and USA TODAY bestselling author residing in Georgia with her husband and three daughters. She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books, hibachi, tattoos and Game of Thrones. When she isn’t writing you can almost always find her with a book in hand.

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