My name is Gi, and I’m a full on bibliomaniac.

Every chance I get you can find me glued to a e-reader.
I love to get lost in a good story, and it’s my goal every time I start a new book.
As I’m a hopeless romantic, I always want my book’s HEA.

Major TRIGGERS for me :

-CHEATING within the H and h’s relationship in any way, shape, or form. (Which, in my opinion, includes being with any OW/OM after meeting their h/H and feeling the “spark,” or during separations/breaks-ups; in long separations, I might make exceptions, but only if both were with others, not just one of them.);
– Descriptive sex with OW/OM ( if in the very beginning, and BEFORE meeting H/h, I may tolerate it);
– Love triangles;
– Secret/surprise babies with OW;
– Physical or emotional abuse between MCs;
– MCs death;
– Cliffhangers, if the next book/rest of the series is not yet released. I hate to be left hanging.


I know I’m a picky bitch but that’s just the way it is! LOL

I’ve read so many books that by now I have a very good idea of what I want or don’t want in my reads. I’m always blunt but never offensive in my reviews, and as such I’m as detailed as possible.


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