RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY + REVIEW: WHAT THE HAIL ( Hail Raisers #4 ) by Lani Lynn Vale



Series: Hail Raisers #4

Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: December 14, 2017

Cover Model: RJ Ritchie

Photographer: Furious Fotog

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He’s wanted her since he repossessed her car and made her cry.

Baylor Hail knew two things. One, he hated crying females. Two, it was even worse when he was the one to make that female cry.

He never meant to do anything but his job, but when one thing leads to another, suddenly all he can think about is the broken woman whose car he towed.

She’s wanted him since he patted her back and told her it was okay to cry even though she knew he was lying.

Nothing ever goes right for Lark.

Not when she got married. Not when she tried to leave her abusive husband, and not when she arrived in a new town with a fresh, clean slate.

That clean slate came courtesy of a secret organization that specializes in helping abused women find a way out.  They set her up with a whole new life. It just turns out that it happened to be right smack dab in the middle of another woman’s old one.

That woman also happens to be down on her luck, something that Lark learns the hard way when on her first day there, her car is towed by a handsome stranger.

It’s been two years since she’s felt any kind of sexual attraction toward a man, and she reacts badly.  We’re talking full-on, hysterical breakdown as he loads her car onto his tow truck while looking at her like she’s lost it.

Maybe being crazy isn’t all that bad.

The next thing she knows, she’s spending time with the sexy stranger and life couldn’t be better—even though she still doesn’t have a car.

She thinks she’s in the clear, that she’s got it all figured out… well, that is until her ex-husband finds her again.

Now the ball is in her sexy stranger’s court as he decides whether or not her kind of crazy is worth getting killed over.

Turns out, for Baylor Hail, maybe it is.

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As I exited their house a couple minutes later, three pieces of bacon in one hand, and a disposable cup of coffee in the other, I came to a sudden halt when I saw the woman outside getting ready to mow her lawn.

She wasn’t in jeans today.

No, she was in fucking Spandex.


Spandex that was pink, stretchy, and clung to her unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

The closest thing I could compare it to was fucking saran wrap.

“So, what are today’s panties?”  I asked, my filter all but gone.

This woman had the power to unman me.

She grinned and said, “I’d have to take another testicle shot at you with my button for you to find out.”

I was pretty sure it’d be worth it.

“Come on,” I said. “My ball is still throbbing if that counts.”

It was, too. Each step I took caused a sharp pain to shoot up into my belly.

I’d never felt something so debilitating in my life, and I’d been hit by a goddamn car.

She immediately reddened at my words.

“If you have to know,” she blushed seven shades of red, “they say ‘Sour Puss’ on them. Happy?”

My grin was slow as it took over my face. “Sure am.”

She rolled her eyes and looked away.

“Do you live on this street?”

I shook my head and pointed to the house that was three down from hers. “That’s my brother’s place.”

Understanding dawned.

“The tow truck.” She snapped her fingers as if she was let in on a secret. “I’ve always wondered if he was the owner, or if he was just special enough to take his truck home,” she commented.

I shrugged. “All of the employees take them home, honestly. The only way they don’t is if they’re still in the probationary period, but everyone that’s working for us right now is off probation.”


“Why what?” I countered.

“Why do they take them home?”

I shrugged again. “It’s easier to have them with us, that way when we get a call after hours, we don’t have to go to the shop before we run it.”

“Ahhh,” she murmured. “That makes sense, I guess. Why would someone be on probation?”

“If they’re new hires or if they’ve done something stupid like lose a car on the interstate.”

She snorted. “That doesn’t actually happen, does it?”

I grinned. “More than you’d think.”

She leaned her hip against the lawn mower almost out of instinct as she started to laugh.

However, the lawn mower started to roll, and she began to fall.

Doing my manly duty, and my manly duty only, I lurched forward, ignoring the twinge in my balls, and caught her before her ass could kiss the ground.

She gasped when I pulled her in line with my body, and her hands went to my chest.

“That was close,” she gasped. “You’re fast.”

I let her go and stepped away, and my knee nearly gave out.

“Goddamn,” I groaned as I doubled over.

She bent down with me, but my eyes were squeezed shut as I tried to breathe through the pain in my ball—which had trumped the pain in my knee.

I really thought that I might die.

Header What the Hail

HAIL YES! I found MY Hail man!!! Baylor Hail… Swoon…

These Hail brothers sure are something else, and even though each of them is his particular brand of danger, they still manage to be as different amongst themselves, but still the same wild and tormented men at their core. 

“I don’t…do…I didn’t even realize people carried flasks anymore.” 
Her grin was rather manic. “Six boys and two girls, darlin’.”  She tucked the flask back into her purse. “I nearly died going through puberty with them. If it wasn’t for this emergency flask, then I surely would have passed away from the abundance of attitude and hormones that filled my house.”

Hell, even their own mother is the first to acknowledge the kind of menace these guys were since birth! LOL

And within this Hail trope is where we find Baylor, aka MY Hail Man! The most reclusive and laid back of the Hail brothers was absolute Romance Hero PERFECTION! 

I can see how even the heartbroken and tormented Lark, that ran from men, and any resemblance of relationship with the opposite sex, could resist nor stay away from this delicious male specimen.

In my old life, I’d been a phlebotomist. The bigger and juicier the veins, the more appealing a man became. 
This man, though? 
He had not just one good vein, but dozens of them. 
By the time I’d been able to peel my eyes away from those muscular forearms, I stalled again on his tattooed-to-the-elbows biceps.

But Baylor wasn’t like other men. He was caring and smart, but he was quiet. Subdued. He didn’t like the big hubbub of nightlife. 
He was like me…wasn’t he?

And oh boy, did the attraction have to be soul deep, considering how much pain, suffering and loss Lark – one of the many rescued bird by the Free crew – has suffered in her young age, in their horrific marriage. Enough to last a lifetime.

Because it was either that, or I was dead. 
And I didn’t want to be dead. I’d tried it once. 
It wasn’t for me.

“He broke something important inside of me, Baylor,” I told him. “When I came here…when you first met me…I was just existing. I was barely able to breathe.”

“Something is broken inside of me,” I blurted. 
His eyes studied me for long moments before he let me go. 
“Everyone’s broken, Lark,” he said. “You just have to find a way to fix yourself. Tape sometimes works.”

Even a man as reclusive and alienated as Baylor Hail had a weakness: women’s tears. And given he was the cause for those tears, when they first met, let’s just say they both made an impression on the other…  

It’s because of her big, beautiful gray eyes. Those tears had made her eyes look like a rainstorm, and you fucking love rainstorms.

I’d just seen her that morning, but it felt like freakin’ weeks. 
It’s like my eyes were thirsting for just a glance of her.

I honestly couldn’t have adored Baylor and Lark any more than I did. Maybe because I saw in them a kindred spirit in their anti-social/reclusive nature, or maybe by the way they really were twin souls, but I just gave my heart to them from the very first page on.

I’d be able to resist him.
I would.
I should’ve known that trying to resist Baylor Hail would be futile.
I didn’t, though.
Instead, I broke my cardinal rule.
To never get too close to anyone again.
I got too close.
And I liked it there.

Yep, Lark really nailed it there, it is impossible to resist Baylor! I love a good silent type – and this man sure was that -, add to that that from the get go he knew she was special, and how he fought for her, and to help her heal in any way possible, plus, I loved how unafraid he was of commitment (how refreshing that was!) and specially loved his quick solution  proposal so soon into the book. No, I’m not spoiling it! LOL

“I was checking on this girl whose car wouldn’t start, and when she stood up out of her car, the button on her jean shorts popped off and shot me straight in the ball. My favorite left one.” 
“You have a favorite ball?” 
That was Hannah, my sister-in-law, who’d asked that. 
I nodded my head. “I do. It’s the one that’s closest to my heart.” 
It was the truth.

OMG, those hilarious, ROFL moments, people! Seriously! I expected, given Lark’s tortured past, and her trauma, that this book would be a bit darker that Lani Lynn Vale’s usual diversity of setting, but yet again this woman ROCKED IT!!!! That’s right, she managed to yet again give us an absolutely perfect amount and mix of sad, happy, loving, suspenseful and sexy moments. I’ll NEVER forget the two very particular ( even though I’m not a man : ouchhhh) LMFAO scenes Baylor and Lark have gone through! OMG, seriously EPIC! 

Another reason for which What The Hail became my series favorite, and well as one of my LLV all time fav, was their relationship development speed, and how the whole plot really did revolve around them, and the clarity of the feelings! Almost zero push and pull, and zero OW/OM drama, apart from Lark’s ex. 

Fast unveiling of the story, but still deep and so well constructed characters, at every level, that surprised me with the clarity of their understanding, and just made my black heart warm with their devotion to one another.

They don’t see what I see. 
Them? They look at her and see the curvy body, the full head of beautiful hair. The ass. The tits. 
Me? I see everything—including that. Tits and ass for sure. But even deeper than that, I see the caring heart. The need to be needed. The love she had for life. The worry that she wasn’t good enough for me.

No, she only saw the beauty in everything around her. 
And that’s what humbled me.


“I guess you could say that. But Baylor and me?  We’re like two kindred souls. It’s easy when you find someone that is the second half of your soul—the person who gets you like no one else gets you. I may not have known the man long, Dr. Castleberry, but I’ve known him long enough to know that I love him. That I can’t see myself without him. That I don’t want to wake up in the morning without him at my side.”

So there you have it! All the reason for FIVE STARS, and for which I consider Lark and Baylor’s book a MUST READ, ONE CLICK story! This series is getting better and better, and given how swoon-worthy Baylor was, I’m giddy with excitement to see what Lani Lynn Vale has reserved for Tate and Dante, that were – before I met Baylor, that was, lol – my most anticipated of the Hail Raisers! Can’t wait! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

“One day,” he said, pushing in. 
So goddamn slow. 
“One day I’m going to fill this belly with my baby,” he promised. “I’m going to love every goddamn second of having it filled. I’m going to worship your body. I’m going to shower you with love. I’m going to make sure it’s the best thing ever, all because I want it. I want you. I can’t fucking wait…but I’m going to enjoy just you and me for a little bit.”

Baylor was my home. He was my future. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better life than the one I was finally living.

 ARC kindly provided by the author via InkSlinger PR for an honest review


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About the Author


Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles.  She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children, and lives in the Great State of Texas.

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