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Series: Standalone

Author: Jamie Schlosser

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: October 2, 2017





Emery Matheson knows pussies. Cats, that is. As the star of a reality show called The Pussy Tamer, it’s his job to fix extreme feline behavioral issues.

When he hears about his next project—a lonely cat hoarder named Estelle—he expects a little old widow, not the blond bombshell who opens the door.

With a 100 percent success rate, Emery has never had trouble finishing a job. But just a few hours into the first day of filming and one thing is clear—Estelle and her band of misfit pussies will give him a run for his money… and his heart.

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Red spots began soaking through Emery’s gray T-shirt.

“Oh my God. You’re bleeding.” I pointed at his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

He just laughed. “Occupational hazard. We have a medic on hand for that very reason. Besides, it’s not like you didn’t warn me.”

His words summoned a brunette carrying a first aid kit.

“You know the drill,” she said, grinning at him while she opened the case and started lining up her supplies on the kitchen table.

Emery grabbed the back of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head, being careful not to disrupt the wires from his mic.

Suddenly, it felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room. The thin material had done little to hide the muscle definition underneath, but at least then I couldn’t see his smooth skin.

His nipples.

The ridges of his abs and that highly coveted V by his hips.

A thin smattering of hair covered his chest, traveling down the center of his abs and below his belly button. The light brown trail disappeared into the waist of his jeans.

I wanted to run my fingers over it. All of it. Even the parts I couldn’t see.

I was looking at the most magnificent torso ever—not just in real life—in the entire damn universe. He had movie stars and models beat. I remembered watching a video of Charlie Hunnam training for an upcoming role, and I’d been in awe of the amount of work it took to look that good.

Regular people didn’t just go walking around in that kind of shape. Apparently, Emery didn’t fall into the category of ‘regular people.’

And God bless him for it.

Feeling weak in the knees, I leaned my hip against the counter and wondered if I was the only one affected. Everyone else went about their tasks as usual. Well, everyone except for the medic.

After taking a seat, Emery said something to her about not using bandages this time, and her response was a nervous giggle. She quickly cleaned the area with disinfectant, then put cream over the scratches.

Red-faced, she slowly backed away as Emery slipped a new shirt on.

A different kind of heat flared through me, but this one was familiar and much more unpleasant than the virus I was fighting off.


I was jealous that she got to touch him.

I made a face, because that was ridiculous. Emery was here to work, not get eye-fucked by the crazy cat lady.

The hot-and-bothered medic taped a sign to the wall by the door. In big letters, it said, ‘Do not leave door open. Mike will run.’ It made my sudden desire to claw her eyes out diminish.

She was just doing her job.

Psycho much, Estelle?

Opening my cabinet, I grabbed the bottle of Tylenol and choked down a couple pills along with my sweet tea.

I extended the medicine toward Emery. “Want some?”

“Nah,” he replied. “It doesn’t hurt that bad.”

“That happens a lot, doesn’t it?” I lightly accused.

“Getting mauled by cats?” He laughed. “More times than I can count.”

“No.” I tipped my head toward the flushed woman retreating from my apartment. “People losing their shit every time you take your shirt off.”


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I’m sorry, but I had to go there, with this many pussies in one book, how could I not?! LOL

Now, seriously – ok, as much as I can be – Emery and Estelle’s story surpassed all my expectations.  Yes, I was anticipating a pretty amazing and hilarious Rom Com with plenty of sexual innuendo and some deliciously cheesy lines, and I sure got all that, but Untamable surprised me so much, given it was SO much more than that. It was EVERYTHING! It made me do through all the range of feeling possible, and in such a realistically and perfect way written that I was so invested in the characters and their emotions I even ended up shedding a few tears in a more than one occasion and not all of them laughing.

I’d heard people talk about this moment. When they were so captivated by someone, time seemed to stop. 

The whole world would get to witness the first time I ever felt weak in the knees from one look. One simple sentence. One set of perfect plump lips.

I never expected to be so emotionally connected with the story so I can honestly say Estelle, Emery and his family, and specially his dad, completely stole my heart. 

Emery and Estelle meet in the most unusual of ways as a cat hoarder and the pussy tamer, but from the get go we could see that besides the instant connection, these two were indeed the perfect match in all ways possible. OMG, I loved these two so very much!

First kisses were meant to test the waters. They were supposed to be brief and gentle. 
Nothing about Emery’s kiss was quick or apprehensive. 
I’d waited my entire life for a kiss like this—I just didn’t realize I’d been waiting for it. Until now.

I already knew going in that Jamie Schlosser always creates the most realisticly, down to earth heroes, but with Emery she went far and beyond. It’s like she has an Perfect Man handbook and she just goes there and pick one up, and each it she ups the game even more. Body, heart and soul perfect! Like Estelle said herself the man didn’t have flaws, he was good and loyal to the core in a smoking hot package and just as scorching in between the sheets, so she was one lucky lady. 

She let me see her—all of her. I was such a lucky motherfucker.

He was like a drug. And I just had to face it—I was so fucking addicted to Emery Matheson.  

Estelle was an equally interesting character, I loved her spunky, quirky, hold no barriers attitude. Her hidden fragility and love and care for her cats, just made her even more endearing to me, and with a combo like that in a blonde bombshell like that, Emery didn’t stand a chance. Two golden hearts matched perfectly!

So it doesn’t matter how far apart we are,” I said, squeezing her hand. “Wherever I am, you’ll still be my greatest something.”

Jamie really exceeded all my expectations and blew my mind in how she was able to compile every emotion in the book – worry not, because it is a RomCom after all, so the hilariousness was still front and center –  and make me fall in love, not only with the main characters, but with the secondary ones. Undoubtedly heart touching, soul warming and spirit lifting! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

“I love you,” he blurted out, and I sucked in a breath so fast I thought I might choke on it. “I love your potty mouth and the way you don’t give a fuck if anyone approves or not. I love that you bottle fed kittens. I love that you lose at strip poker on purpose. I even love the way you drive.” He took a deep breath. “You’ve shown me everything about you, Estelle. I see you. And I love all of it.”

“If we ever get separated—by death or otherwise—I’d dream of you every night just so we could be together.”

ARC kindly provided by the author via HEA PR & More for an honest review

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About the Author


Jamie Schlosser grew up on a farm in Illinois surrounded by cornfields. Although she no longer lives in the country, her dream is to return to rural living someday. As a stay-at-home mom, she spends most of her days running back and forth between her two wonderful kids and her laptop. She loves her family, iced coffee, and happily ever afters.

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