Author: Liane Moore

Genre: Erotic M/F/M novella

Release Date: April 3, 2017

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A virgin menage romance

Lifelong best friends and Rosewood’s legendary assistant football coaches, Macon Ray and Rhett Hunt have shared everything their entire lives–even their women. But their days of manwhoring and sleeping around have come to an end. Ready to settle down, they set their sights on the only girl who they want to complete their trio. Caroline Taylor, the head coach’s daughter. Now that she’s finally turned 18, they can no longer resist their mutual desire for the beautiful, petite blonde in pigtails.

She’s young.
She’s innocent.
And she’s completely theirs.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

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“You…” she swallowed hard, her widened blue eyes darting back and forth between Macon and me. As she drew her lower lip in between her teeth, my dick trembled, twitched, and grew nearly twice its size. God, she affected me so easily. So incredibly. I was about to pounce when she finally found her voice. “Do you do this a lot?”

The words came out in a rush, and this time when she bit her lip, I nearly groaned. My eyes flicked to Macon, and we exchanged a knowing look–both aware of how fragile this situation was. How innocent and vulnerable our sweet Caroline was. I knew we had to tread carefully, but even still, we knew we had to be completely honest. If this was going to go anywhere, honesty was essential. But fuck me, I didn’t know how patient I could be.

The first time I saw Caroline I was nearly knocked on my feet. Macon and I’d just gotten back to town, and we were on the field checking out the turf.

We hadn’t even noticed a girl was running the stairs until she nearly collided with us.

I’d wrapped my arms around her waist to keep her from falling. When her widened blue eyes had blinked up at me, my heart nearly stopped beating. My dick had instantly hardened. It was as if my heart and body knew she was meant to be mine.

I’d nearly growled when she stepped back from me and out of my arms.


The ferocity of my need to claim her immediately caught me off guard. I’d never felt that way for another woman. Daddy had always told me I’d know the one when I met her. I just hadn’t known it would hit me that hard. That quick. That intense.

Macon had to have noticed. I felt his elbow before hearing his word. “Settle.”

Header Two Point Conversion

4.5 ‘Perfect Smutty Debut’/’Perfectly Sandwiched’ Stars

I was completely blown away with Two Point Conversion! What a perfect and Scorchingly HOT debut! These ladies sure put themselves on the erotic/smut literary world, and I am giddy with excitement to see what they bring us next!

Macon and Rhett, closer then siblings, really are what Romantic heroes should be made of, because the way they were lost to sweet Caroline, with just one look at her as young woman, and fully acknowledged  and embrace it was PERFECT!

Something we’d gotten used to since moving here and falling for her innocence the very first time we saw her. We’d been sharing women for as long as I could remember, but once we met Caroline, no other woman would do.

All it took was one look in her eyes to know she was the one.

I couldn’t have asked for more – ok, I could, in the tiny bit of personal preference that their sexual past was not so referenced, even though it was with the purpose to enhance their treatment and care with Caroline, like the precious thing she was to them, but like I said, just a tiny detail – because otherwise it gave me everything I wished for and more! In a seriously sizzling hot menage, to boot! One of the best, and more believable menages I’ve had the pleasure of reading, because beyond the sexual attraction/scenes, we really could feel their deep seated love and devotion.

It was the best sandwich a girl could ever ask for.

I looked up to see them both watching me intently. It was intimidating, being under such scrutiny, but at the same time, I’d never felt more desired. It was incredible to be watched with such desire from one man. But from two? What more could a girl want?

Caroline really was one lucky lady! How many women can say they have the unconditional love and devotion of one man, let alone TWO?! And have I mentioned, über sexy alphas with filthy mouths to sweeten the deal even more, and makes us melt on the spot! Talk about panty-melters!!! 

Dyin’ to fill you up, flood your womb with my seed and create a baby in this sweet pussy.”

I was so full. So claimed. So ultimately theirs and I knew I’d never want to be anything else again.

Like I’ve said, Liane Moore is the author (authors) to watch, and after seeing their instant projection to best seller immediately upon release – more than deserved, I have to say! – I couldn’t be more excited for them, and us as readers – specially me, and a sure fan-girl – because promising is sure the perfect adjective for them. I’ll be counting down the days until the next release, since they went directly to my auto-read-author short list! Bring on even more heat to our lives, ladies!!! I’ll have the cold shower prepared, lol! 😉  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

They loved me enough to share me, and it thrilled me to know I was loved more deeply, more wholly, more beautifully than any other woman in the world. They trusted each other, they trusted me, and just as much, I trusted them. With all my heart, all my soul, and all my life.

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About the Author


Liane Moore is the erotic alter-ego duo of contemporary romance author Tessa Teevan and an incredibly dirty mind who prefers to be known as M. Friends for ages, it was when they bonded over those big, blue aliens they knew they were meant to write together. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have intergalactic relations of their own one day.

Virgin. Menage. Forbidden. Breeding. Pick your poison. Liane Moore combines their love of steam and happily-ever-afters to write a fantasy for every woman. Stay tuned for so much more.

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