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MASTERPIECE by Juliette Jones

Header Review Masterpiece

Max is a bull rider who was more than satisfied with the life he lived full of fame, success and women, until one rodeo accident that almost took his life happened, and his view and objectives in life changes. From that point on he wants and longs for something more, especially where women are concerned. He is tired of the meaningless encounters before the accident, and easy women who trow themselves at him, he wants to finds THE ONE for him…

“I’ve already accepted that I changed during my forced hiatus from the rodeo circuit.”


Elle is an assistant curator at a New York gallery, where she has lived her whole life. Lately she has been having these sensual dreams where an mysterious cowboy devours her, so when her boss gives her an ultimatum to go to Montana to sign in a local artist, she think that maybe, just maybe, she will get a chance to make her sexy dreams come true, and find her own flesh and hot blood cowboy.

“And maybe my dream was some weird, random premonition. Like I’d become a seductive psychic whose stars were suddenly aligned or something.”


Of course her paths immediately cross, especially because the secret that Max has been keeping a secret <spoiler>he’s a painter, an amazing one, according to Elle </spoiler> is the final link that allows Max to transform their undeniable attraction into something more, since for the first time a woman has not fallen on his feet upon meeting him. Her sassy spirit and her uptight attitude and look that beg for him to dishevel are the final straw to his decision of making her wholesomely his… And he’s never letting her go…Not that she wanted it. LOL 😉

“Masterpiece, is the word that comes to mind. Like everything about Max Cash.
The real man makes the dream man pale in comparison.”


This was a fun, sexy and short read, the bull rider and curator thing for the MCs it reminded me a bit of The Longest Ride, by Nicholas Sparks, but that’s how far as the similarities go. I enjoyed all the characters, and I would love to hear more about his brother’s stories. Max was such a man’s man, and you could practically feel the testosterone vibes exuding from him. Yummy! And Holy hotness had the man a filthy mouth on him… (*cue fanning myself*)

“You like that, darlin’? You like my big cock spilling my seed all over your sweet pussy? You want more? I’m going to take you now, baby girl. As soon as you start to come, I’m gonna slide my big cock all the way inside.”

I have to say that in this version, he was absolutely perfect! And when he realized that she was the one for him, he was willing to do anything to get her forever. Elle was a smart and confident character and every bit of city girl, but open to explore and see what else was out there for her. And she was more than rewarded for that.

This is the consolidation of every steamy cowboy fantasy compiled in one compact short story!


Again I would like to congratulate Juliette for the amazing job, but especially for being brave and humble by editing her work, after the release, after taking into consideration our tips and advices. I wish there were more author out there with such courage and care for what their readers have to say, and especially being open to accept that maybe, their initial approach in a particular scene was not the ideal one. IMO, in this specific case cutting and twerking a bit a scene, made a world of difference, because it completely changed the global view of the H.

So again, kudos to you, JJ! I look forward to read even more of your stories ( I’m a greedy bitch and I’ve already read all of them, so I want more!)!!! 😉

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest review

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Curvy by Alexa Riley

Header Review Curvy

Flynn is the very definition of a workaholic businessman, and it has been getting worse since his father’s death. His company is everything he is interested in, and he’s completely devoted to it. That is, until one day in a meeting while discussing new strategy for a failing lingerie brand, one particular binder falls and reveals someone that completely and utterly steals his attention…

I’ve never had a reaction like this to a woman. I’m too old to get a fucking hard-on from seeing a woman in a picture. She’s not even naked. Just the sight of her in her underwear has me nearly bursting in my slacks.


He is instantly more than attracted, and it’s so funny to see him struggle to keep his bearings. Not that he succeeds…LOL

“Her name?” I push, and she reaches for the binder. I pull it back, not wanting it taken from me. Almost like a toddler with his favorite toy.

I really loved this initial scene, where we see all these different sides and reactions from him. And we immediately acknowledge the perfect H that he is and it’s set to makes us swoon at every turn. 

She tries to hand me another binder, but I have no desire to look at pictures of other women. What would be the point? They’d all pale in comparison. I’ve just seen perfection and I know nothing could beat it.

To be able to approach and meet her, he arranges for a photoshoot where she is hired as one of model. She has no idea that this photoshoot will change her life forever…

Cali is a plus size model, that has been working in the industry for some years. She is strong, confident and very comfortable in her skin. Of course she also has some hang-ups and moments of doubt, but those are part of our human nature.

I’ve got the body of a “real woman.” I think every size is beautiful. Every woman is a real woman: tall, short, thin, and big. Beauty comes in different shapes. I’d just prefer it if the sexy stuff came in my size more often.


Flynn was one of the most OTT obsessed Hs I have ever read. Sometimes it’s funny how he really can’t see reason where Cali is concerned. 🙂

“He’s gay, sir.”

“He won’t be when he sees her.” I find it completely unbelievable that there would be a man on earth who wouldn’t want her. I’d only seen a picture of her and I was obsessed. Consumed.  (Flynn to his executive about the photographer)

If he was already obsessed with her through her photos, that takes a whole new dimension when he sees her in person.

She’s definitely mine, and I’m never letting this angel go. 


And upon the first touch, there is no coming back for either of them…

As soon as I make contact, it’s there, and so is the heat. It’s an instant attraction. It’s as if my soul has finally found its other half. (Flynn’s inner thoughts)

I can we not sigh? Alexa Riley’s always offers us amazing heroes, and this one is not exception. No one creates a dominant, obsessed and loyal like her. AR totally rocks this genre, how can I not be a die hard fan of her work? 😉

I’ll give her anything she wants. All she needs to do is ask. I will devote my life to waiting hand and foot on her if that’s what she desires. She is mine to protect and to cherish, always.


This story has the perfect balance of sweet, funny and steamy hot. An amazing OTT Hero and a fantastic heroine, and most importantly, off the charts chemistry! On a side note, I would like to point out that it was refreshing that there were no snappy comments or mean girl talk amongst the models. They only speculated and wanted a piece of Flynn, but come on, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? LOL

And now, I anxiously wait for my next AR fix! 😉

“How do you know?” she asks, and I can see the pleading in her eyes. “Because I didn’t exist until the day I saw you.”

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a honest review

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BEST KASE SCENARIO (Hyde #2) by Layla Frost

Header Review Best Kase Scenario
Harlow hides being a bubbly facade, but she is slowly drowning in her own life. She’s incredibly loyal, and such a fighter and a through and through good person. The only person she isn’t good to is herself. She comes to such desperation, that to earn enough to help, she starts working as a stripper in a club. That on top of her internship and college.
So, she works herself to the bone until someone finds out and decides to intervene…

Kase (who I can totally see as Jesse Williams with dreads, with his baby blues popping out)has secretly wanted Harlow from the first moment he saw her. The more time went by the more he realized, that so much more laid beneath the apparent constant happiness of the redhead. And the more he was drawn to her. Of course he knew it she wouldn’t just give in to those feelings, and he had to fight to knock down her walls. Actually not so much walls, as her constant flight risk! 😉

Fuck it. She wants to run, then I’m gonna chase.

After being pushed to take action, upon finding out about her new job, he was all in for the fight, and believe me, it wasn’t an easy one, but he sure knew how to deal with her insecurities.


“I know. She’s really nice, and the good princess always gets her prince. Like you have Kase!”(Hadley to Harlow)

Yes, Kase was a true prince charming, his calm and confidence were incredible. He never had any doubts about his feelings, and always knew the right words and actions to smoothly deal with Harlow’s issues, and help awake her feelings for him.

“Man, she’s worse than Jake.” I drained the last of my beer. “I wanna push, but I don’t wanna fuck this up. I mean, you saw her. Half the time she looks ready to bolt.”
“And the other half?”
I smiled. “It’s what makes all the work worth it.”(Kase to Rhys)

And on top of that he is such a romantic soul (sigh), he and everyone around him admitted as much. We learn that he got that trait from his father.

“Yeah, he was always like that. He’d say, ‘If she’s worth your love, she’s worth your life.’”


There were so many times he made melt and sigh. He really was an amazing H, especially because, even after all the bad things that happened in his past, he always kept a positive attitude and a happy and calm vibe that was contagious to those surrounding him.

“Made me who I am,” he whispered back. “I’ll never take for granted all the good I have in my life because I know how fast that can change. Seen the bad, the dirty, the fuckin’ ugly, which means I can really, truly appreciate the beauty for what it is.” Gripping my ass, Kase stood, taking me with him. “I’m thinking now’s a good time to do just that.”

Harlow was such a strong and independent character, beautiful and smart, nerdy and sweet, the perfect match for Kase.

And, while I was a dude that loved some tits and ass, a big brain was what really did it for me.
The fact she also had the tits and ass was just an added bonus.

For those of you who, like me, enjoy a lot of spice in their story, you will not be disappointed. The sex scenes are beyond hot, and more than plentiful! Our H shows us, yet again, why he is such a great book boyfriend, because he allies his constant romantic nature to a true dirty talker, and that ladies and gentlemen creates an explosive combo.


“Watch me fuck you, Harlow.” His words were sharp, clipped. “Take what’s mine. What I need.”

I loved this couples’ story and it was good to see again those wonderful group of friends and family. And Hadley was sweet and delightful little girl. In my opinion, the book could have been a bit shorter (yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this), and the story would still be there. It was wonderful to read a full book without any OW drama, and the barely any OM issues, which proves to many authors out there that you don’t need this kind of drama to create a full length novel with enough excitement and events to keep us glued to the story. So kudos to Layla Frost for that – and it’s only her second book!!! Now I want the next in the series, please!


“Marry me, ipo?” I repeated, making it a question. “Let me give you lani. Make your life moeʻuhane.”
She nodded, her face turning red as she blinked back tears. “But it already is.”

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